Wrapping Up April with Some Ramblings

by Marcy on May 1, 2011

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April has come and gone and my Garmin calendar shows that is has been a pretty active month for me. Running, cycling, running, cycling, running some more. You get the idea. And don’t forget that weight lifting is thrown in the mix too. I have to keep up the strength training and build the muscle if I intend to keep improving in all areas. I do thoroughly enjoy all of this though. It is good for me. Although, I did think that I had logged more hours with running and cycling than what I really actually logged. I guess just because I have done cardio 3 to 5 times a week does not necessarily mean it is huge amount of distance overall. At any rate, it feels good to look back and see the progress and the effort. Now if only all that progress and effort would show itself in the physical sense. You know what I mean? I feel like I am working my ass off and yet, the visual aspect of that work is just barely showing itself. Hmmmm, perhaps my diet needs some adjusting? Who knows?! I do know that it is time to re-evaluate some things and get myself to a different place. And making those changes now is certainly not a bad idea considering the marathon training is looming in the near future. May 14th actually. I think that is pretty near.

LaBrett, Me and Alys at H&H

Next up for some more rambling is the weekend of events that were back to back. Saturday’s 5K was pretty much a last minute thing that I was more than happy to do. I intended to walk it with LaBrett but she said if I wanted to run, go for it. So, I did. I posted a pretty decent time. 27:42. I am still trying to get under that 27:00 mark. Seems to plague me, but I WILL get it someday. But my focus right now is to work on distance/endurance. I know I can post a pretty decent 10K time. I average a 1:03:00 to 1:05:00. If I can keep that pace for my next half, it would be a great time for me. But I digress because that really has nothing to do with the back to back events that took place this weekend. So, there was the 5K on Saturday and then the 10K on Sunday which was something we have been planning to do for a few weeks now. It was the ever fabulous Heels and Hills event which is the same event that I ran the half for last year. I love this event. It really caters to all walks of life. Runners, walkers, intervals. They are all welcome. It is a great place to run your first 10k or half marathon, or your 20th, or your 50th. It does not matter. Moving is moving . And with that being said, this event was monumental for someone I hold near and dear. LaBrett! She had a goal in mind and I was there to support her all the way. I am happy she asked me to be her pacer because it gave me an opportunity to help someone else do something I love. She did great. She made her goal time and I could not be happier for her. Next big event for her is the half marathon in September in which I will once again take my place by her side as a pacer. I look forward to this just as much and can’t wait to cross that finish line with her.

And to wrap up the last bit of rambling…the work we have been doing to the inside of the house (downstairs) is almost done. The gym is in and it is fabulous to have a gym in the house where the climate can be controlled by us. The finishing touches will be the t molding to trim out the flooring, the super awesome animal print curtain toppers (which still need to sewn and not by me!), the shelving system for the stereo and some cool wall art which I already have planned in my head. The other project that is nearly done is the kitchen and dining area. The finishing touches still to be done is the crown molding and the light fixture. (I plan to post some pics when alllll the work is done.) That does not even include the work Hunter has been putting in to the vehicles. Overall, April shaped up to be pretty dang busy and I think we are ready for a little bit of a break.

*Keep Moving*

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Labrett May 2, 2011 at 9:27 am

love the post!!! and once again thanks sooooo very much!!!!


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