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by Marcy on March 11, 2012

I was perusing my blog after I pushed out the re-design for the “whole world” to see. I stumbled across a post from April, 2011. It was about all of the work we have been doing to two rooms in the house. The gym and the kitchen/dining area. That blog mentioned the need to work on the finishing touches of hanging the new light fixture and getting the crown molding up in the kitchen. It also mentioned the t-molding in the gym, curtains, shelving for the stereo and painting of the graffiti wall. Well, almost a year later, here is what we have completed.

1) Hang Light Fixture – NOPE
2) Crown Molding Up – NOPE
3) T-Molding Down – NOPE
4) Curtains in the Gym – Ohhhh YEAH!
5) Shelving for the Stereo – NOPE
6) Graffiti Wall Complete – NOPE

Yeah, we kinda suck.

Almost a year later, I am ready to say Ohhhh YEAH! to all of those items. And yesterday was the day that kick started an over abundance of creativeness spewing from my brain. I just woke feeling groovy and creative and just went with it. First thing I tackled was a re-design of my blog. It needed a serious face lift and I already knew what I wanted. I just had to sit my (always moving) butt down in the computer chair and do it. Once I was done with that, I got to working on the entryway.

Warning: this is where my girly side makes a rare appearance.

The stuff that was in the entryway has been with me for a long long long time. And quite frankly, I got tired of looking at the blue & white pics and the blue & white ceramic pieces. Not to mention, the entryway is right off the gym and it simply didn’t match/flow. So, I took the pictures down, moved the side board upstairs to the game room (after I took the super fancy dishes out, which we never use.) I fabric covered two large canvases with some kick-ass animal print material and hung them where the blasted blue and white pics used to be. Once I was done with that, I ordered an entry way bench, complete with a neutral colored cushion and storage. When it arrives, I will cheerfully put the animal print pillows on it, which were made by yours truly during another rare girly moment. (Seems these girly moments are not so rare anymore. Does this mean I have to turn in my man card?)

It would have been great if I could have channeled some of that energy into getting stuff done that is on the list. BUT, in my defense, my creativeness did allow me to sketch out what I want to paint on the wall in the gym. At first I wanted to do a graffiti style painting. As cool as that would look, it is simply not our style. What I did come up with looks more like something we would have in our house. The idea here is to print the image on a transparency and use an old school projector (which I actually have acquired) to project the image on the wall. I can trace it out and then paint it. Once it is painted on the wall, Hunter will frame it out. In my head, it looks awesome! Usually my visions come to fruition, just as I have imagined so let’s hope it will be the case with this project too.

I think I will get to work on painting this masterpiece next weekend. Maybe that will kick start something to help get the rest of the projects done. Who wants to offer their services and a really really tall ladder to get the light fixture hung?

*Keep Moving

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